Pigoff presenting...

I'm done.

No more photography for me. 
This thief stole my passion.
You should "thank" that guy - the thief who stole from you. The viewer. He stole from you the opportunity to enjoy some creative work. You should "thank" him for not giving you that different type of photography I'm capable of making. 
My art is dead. I have no desire to create anymore. I'm desperate! I have no money to buy a camera now. 
I need a job... 
My time as creator is gone.
That camera you (MotherF) just stole from me was not only my tool. It was my inspiration. It was my passion. It was my love. No man deserve this. No one. No man deserve to be broken. I feel broken. Empty and useless.

My sincere apologies to you! All of you. Every single one of you.

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Printing big

Thanks to a client of mine I was fortunate enough to order for him a big poster with size of a 150x100cm. The result was surprising for me. It came really nice from the printing company. 
So... Yes! You can order any of my pictures as big as you want. Just ask! 
0046 72 333 0 111 or

Me and my first ever BIG poster

Me and my first ever BIG poster

Thank you.